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A world renowned business organization reviewing global investment businesses.


To bring individuals together all under one roof. The community can bank on us for better and innovative services that build not only the community around us but encourages the community to extend their helping hands and knowledge about investing in global businesses and capital trusts. We create opportunities to serve and invest in the community. Join Get’em in Business to give back to the community and let us strive together in global investments.



Get’em in Business (GIB) focuses on creating community-based and community-led solutions primarily on global businesses that will lead to a good quality of life: education, financial stability and health. We believe in investing in ourselves as well as the community. These global investments act as a domino effect that lead to social change. Through uplifting and educating the community, individuals can bank on improved mental, physical and overall health.



Get’em in Business (GIB) has set the goals and values for the communities, donors, supporters to come together and provide foundations for a better life with superior services and business and investment solutions at large. Our values are the main guide on how we run the whole organization throughout the years.

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Exploring Get’em in Business (GIB)

Get’em in Business (GIB) was launched back in 2014 with an altruistic aim to provide prime financial solutions for the community and future generations with results that are beyond expectations. It all started with our determined founder, Dr. Joel McMurphy who has vast experience in global investments, banking, and capital trust. Growing up in a middle-class family surrounded by a suburban area has made his goals in life clear of what he exactly wanted for the community. Since college, he has been dreaming to give back to the community as much as he can.

From there, Dr. Joel McMurphy started a small investment business organization with his mutual friends as the employees called GIB Business Review. Altogether, they have managed to grab a plethora of opportunities alongside expanding this organization. Their collaborative effort resulted in creating a global investment, banking and capital trust news website gibizreview.com

Get’em in Business (GIB) is a dynamic group of passionate individuals with excellent global investment talents and expertise in managing financial matters. With over thousands of employees carrying this organization on their back, we have managed to secure more than 3 thousand projects since the first year we launched Get’em in Business (GIB) website. We aim to always provide the best in everything that we do.

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Get’em in Business (GIB) is a strong and engaged private organization that is indispensable to ending poverty and boosting prosperity in the community. When it comes to prime financial services, GIB paves its way to becoming the world’s leading investment and capital trust organization. Our schemes and services which includes; Business Consultation, Community Campaigns, Global Investment Reviews and Capital Trust Financial Management, can be customized to suit every individual’s financial needs. Our variety of services were established based on the feasibility studies made to record the needs of today’s financial fields.

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Get’em in Business (GIB) has successfully assisted small enterprises to create jobs and enhance basic business services. Not only that, we have applied our global investment expertise to bank in the community. These articles demonstrate how our innovative approaches have helped make huge differences in our clients’ lives.

Get’em in Business (GIB)’s bits and bytes

As mentioned by our founder, Dr. Joel McMurphy, “Get’em in Business was founded with an altruistic mission to reconceive the primordial aim of delivering community-based financial services.” Hence, our growth from a mere investment consultation group which is GIB Malaysia review into one of the world’s leading financial organizations. We’ve served millions. Providing what’s most important for our members and the community.

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